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Why NV

We challenge traditional consulting firms

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by your side

Delivering end-to-end support for your pricing project to ensure that it moves from conception to implementation and beyond.

Operational Excellence

We bring decades of practical experience in operational and strategic positions within the retail and software industries.

Business in sync with IT

Fluent in both languages, economy and IT, we have the highest aptitude to harmonize pricing strategy, with IT and operational requirements.

Experts on demand

Ongoing ability to involve the most adequate experts from our network at any stage of the project.

Our products

The focus on dynamic pricing has increased over the years with the rise of e-commerce.

The ability to vocalise a pricing strategy and invest in software solutions capable of coping with the business requirements was until now reserved for “big size” companies with deep pockets.

We, Numerus Veritas, see our­selves as enablers of dynamic pricing.

We allow your company to reach pricing excellence by taking your team on the pricing journey.

It does not matter how advanced your IT-landscape or your expertise is, rest assured, we are your partner for success bringing decades of best practice combined with an agile approach to the table.

We evaluate the current pricing processes and solutions in place by running a series of interviews and workshops with the pricing stakeholders.

As a result you will be able to receive a clear understanding about the As-is situation and its revealed strengths and weaknesses, so as our recommendation about quick-wins.

Build your team expertise and define your strategy by taking part of our home-brewed workshops to enter the pricing race in pole position:

Workshop Alpha: Competition-oriented pricing

Workshop Beta: Assortment segmentation and cross dependencies

Workshop Gamma: Price points, psychological and inherited

Workshop Delta: Processes and data flow

Don't hesitate to contact us for more informations regarding the workshops.

Once we formulate your pricing know-how into digital processes, Numerus Veritas will chaperone along the way with its versatile expertise and enable a safe and swift realisation:

Some of the roles at your service:

  • Agile Re-calibration of roles and responsibilities
  • Define Pricing processes and architecture
  • Software customisation (requirements and development)
  • Project management
  • Data analytic
  • Solution Architecture
  • Quality assurance
  • User training

Aside of performance controlling, we can help you defining any product or market monitoring reports such as:

  • Market Overview
  • Brand Positioning
  • Competition analysis
  • Market stability
  • Price sensitivity
  • Assortment and availability per channel

You are continuously facing challenges in your pricing journey, therefore Numerus Veritas provides best-practice support at any time and ensure your project success 

  • Pricing team member hiring and onboarding
  • Sparring partner for your pricing team
  • Project management
  • Data analysis
  • Quality assurance

What our clients say about us

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At Numerus Veritas customer centricity is not a slogan but an attitude.

Companies we worked for

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How we work together

We turn your data into agile pricing

The process of bringing pricing to maturity is defined step by step. In this way we ensure that our clients develop the necessary knowledge within specific topics in order to grow with their project and recognize further potentials along the way.

With the digital age, data quality is coming much more into focus. In order to be able to derive comprehensible, directional and fact-oriented decisions from the large amount of data, we help with their preparation, structure questions and offer solution proposals in order to process complex data with simplified and efficient rules.


Pricing Strategy

* Pricing strategy definition (national/ international)

* Definition of requirements for an efficient implementation of the pricing strategy

* Data analysis and pricing scheme derivation

Price Logic Architecture

* Concept of pricing rules and AI supported recommendations

* Roadmap for implementation

* Re-calibration of pricing processes and user roles

* Formulation of RFPs

* Assortment segmentation with AI deployment


* End to End IT integration concept

* Project management and client coordination

* Software customisation

* Support of the pricing team

* User Training / handbooks


* Operational and strategical KPI reporting

* Continuous monitoring of price and market position

* Optimal adjustment of pricing rules

* Pricing team sparring partner

About Numerus Veritas

Pricing , Not Guessing

Numerus Veritas is a one of a kind pricing consulting company dedicated to enabling pricing digitalization and automation. We challenge your team as your sparring partner and trainer to enhance inhouse knowledge and take it to the next level.

With decades of experience in the retail and software industry we know how to bring to light the influencing parameters and dependencies for a successful transformation.

Traditional consulting firms end their engagement with a blue print and leave a customer behind, still lacking the know how to bring the concept to life. We are commited to standing by your side through the entire pricing journey, from concept to go live and thereafter. Our ongoing excellent relationship with all our customers stands as solid proof of our engagement to your success.

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Management of Numerus Veritas

Committed to your success

Rodolphe Merle_Geschäftsführer bei Numerus Veritas GmbH

Rodolphe Merle

Senior Partner

Pricing as a journey not a one shot.

Rod has over 15 years of experience in pricing and the retail industry. Prior to NV he has been working for large multinational companies to drive the rollout of their pricing agenda and has a long proven track record in data driven optimizations to achieve B2B/B2C targets.

Peter Schunck_Geschäftsführer bei Numerus Veritas

Peter Schunck

Senior Partner

No comment, just numbers.

Peter entered the pricing stage in 2015 after 18 years of a broad variety of successfully managed responsibilities in software & consulting firms. With his strong background in finance and controlling paired with his high affinity for big data, the step into pricing was the logical consequence.

Markus Heuser

Senior Partner

Pricing to maximize Financials. 

Markus is a retail professional with a strong track record of more than 20 years. He worked in various Key Management roles within Amazon, Philips, MediaMarktSaturn and Apple. His experience encompasses general management, Sales and strategic planning with a strong focus on pricing strategies for On- and Offline retail.

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